Dallas Penn, Worth & Worth Hats, How To Pack A Suit

Dallas Penn, Lo Heads, Worth & Worth Hats

Put This On just aired a video of their second season,  which starts in NYC.

Dallas Penn – Lo Heads

First, Jesse Thorn met with Dallas Penn from the Lo Heads – a group of Polo Ralph Lauren worshipers who have been collecting his clothing since the 1980s. Until  now, I had not been aware of this group, but it made me realize how successful Ralph Lauren was in advertising to a broad range of society. For me, it is a perfect example that clothes alone – or the brand, for that matter – do not make the man. Different people can be perceived very differently even though they wear the exact same clothes. Personally, I find it very surprising to see that a brand can become so defining of one’s personality. I believe that even a great brand does not always equal great style. What do you think about this?

Worth & Worth Hats NYC

Mr. Thorn then pays a short visit to Worth & Worth hats, where we meet owner and hatmaker Orlando Palacios. The video shares a little bit about hat basics, but we do not really learn how a hat is made.

Jason Marshall – Jazz Saxophinist

Afterwards, we learn a bit about jazz saxophonist Jason Marshall and his style.

How To Pack a Suit

Last but not least, Jesse explains how to fold a suit. While I do agree with him on the way he folds the trousers, I do not like the way he folds the jackets – it seems to unnecessarily wrinkle the sleevehead on one side of the shoulder. Considering that this is a common packing problem for men like you and me, we’ll do some research and let you know what we find out! Until then, you can watch the video below – especially the last minute.

Picture credit : cherrypatter
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  1. Ahmed Sajeel says:

    Honestly, I have great respect for Ralph Lauren … and the gentleman himself predominently. In fact, his is the one label that has least given in to the dictates of fashions and thus gives me to believe that he is driven by his own sense of style as opposed to that unbearably uniform “Designer look of the Season” (which it seems is pre-arranged amongst all designers to have a similar appeal all over; and thus more lucrative commercial results).

    The man has stood his ground with what he finds tasteful and that is very evident in a continuum of his collections for four and a half decades. His stance on style may not be everyone’s cup of tea; but it is defining alright (which one cannot come to say of anyone else in this business); and remains as such from the time he was commissioned to do “The Great Gatsby” …

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