George Cleverly

George Cleverley – Bespoke Shoemaker London

In the past, we covered John Lobb, and today we want to show you a short video about George Cleverley, who is likewise one of the most well known bespoke shoemakers in London. For five decades, Cleverley has been manufacturing their trademark Chisel Toe shoe in a shop on Royal Arcade in London.

George Cleverley

The young Mr. Cleverley was born on August 10, 1898, into a London shoemaker family that moved to Colchester, Essex shortly after his birth. At the age of 15, he had already completed an apprenticeship as a shoemaker and soon thereafter, he was drafted and fought in WWI.
Upon his return, he began working for the once-famous bespoke bootmaker, Tuczec, on Clifford Street in London. Sadly, Tuczec is no longer in existence but Cleverley seems to be  a worthy alternative.
Subsequently, Cleverley worked for Tuczec until 1958. Then aged 60, he decided to start over again, and created his own bespoke shoe workshop – the GEORGE J. CLEVERLEY & CO. LTD.
In the beginning, G.J. Cleverley had his premises on Cork Street in Mayfair. In that location, he produced bespoke shoes of great quality, and hence, acquired an excellent reputation for his Chisel Toe, which is nowadays often associated with Cleverley. In 1978, – at the age of 80! – he was still working full time.  Realizing that he would be unable to continue the shoe business indefinitely, he  entered a partnership with John Carnera and George Glasgow.
Eventually, Cleverley died at the age of 93. Interestingly, he had continued to work as a shoemaker until his very last day.

A pair of bespoke shoes in box calf leather will set you back more than £2000, however, you will receive a beautiful piece of art from one of the most respectable shoemakers of London.

13 The Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SL
Tel:+44 (0)207 493 0443 or 1058