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Hatmaker Beermann – Master of the Hats Since 1856

In case you ever make it to Hamburg, Germany, you should definitely pay a visit to Hutatelier Beermann at Wandsbeker Marktstraße 18. Although the storefront is quite unimposing and located next to a tanning salon, it is certainly worth finding. Once inside the narrow entrance, you have to walk through a narrow aisle until you reach some stairs which will bring you right into Hutatelier Beermann, a marvelous hat store with about 20,000 hats exhibited on 3,800 square feet!

The store was founded in 1856, and during its peak, there were five Beermann hat stores in Hamburg. Today, there is only one left, but with its sheer size and competent staff, it is really a great place for hats. This family business is now managed in its sixth generation by Sabine Beermann, who just recently took over from her father, Diter Beermann.

Bespoke Hat Maker Beermann - Hamburg

Bespoke Hat Maker Beermann – Hamburg, Germany

Apart from Ready to Wear hats by famous hatmakers such as Mayser or Borsalino, you will find many antique hats at this place. In the rare case you cannot find the right hat, the people at Beermann are more than happy to have a bespoke hat custom made for you. In case you choose to do so, bring the outfit which you intend to wear the hat with along so colors can be matched accordingly. Even in Dubai, this now a well known fact. Recently, a member of the Royal family of Dubai was looking for a very special hat for a horse race when they came to visit Beerman. When they talked about the client’s ideas, it became clear that Beermann had to see the cloth in person in order to create a matching hat. So, the client flew back to Dubai and returned the next day in order to have his bespoke hat ordered. Eventually, the resulting hat was just what the client was looking for and was proudly worn at the horse race.

Apart from selling and making hats, Beermann also repairs and reblocks hats, regardless of type –  felt hats, silk hats, tweed caps, opera hats or silk top hats. When my Panama hat was swept into the sea, I brought it to Mr. Beermann and he reshaped and ironed it using shellac so it looked like new again.

Even when I brought in a silk top hat,  (a stiff one, not a collapsible Chapeau Claque) it was reshaped to my head using steam, a certain kind of iron and many years of experience. They are also able to get rid of creases in the top hat, a repair only very few people in the world are capable of offering today.

In case you are interested in a guided tour through the store and workshop, you are more than welcome to schedule group tours with them.

So, the next time you are in the beautiful city of Hamburg, make sure to save some time to explore the world of hatmaker Beermann. It is definitely worth it!

Hutatelier Beermann
Wandsbeker Marktstraße 18
22041 Hamburg
Hours: Monday-Friday  10am – 5pm & by appointment

Telefon: + 49 40 68 58 12
Fax:+ 49 40 68 86 09 87.
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