Florence: Mannina Bespoke Shoes

Founded in 1953 by artisan, Calogero Mannina, at Via de’ Barbadori 19r, between Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti, it is today one of the oldest shoemakers in Florence still in existence.
Their bespoke shoes are still made to the highest standards, with the best leathers at the same workshop, which is in fact very close to the store in Via Guicciardini. Moreover, they offer excellent handmade ready-to-wear shoes for men and women which are hand lasted and hand sewn. All their shoes are polished by hand with a blend of aniline dye, alcohol and wax in order to create a unique antique finish. The workmanship of these ready-to-wear shoes is on par with their bespoke shoes.

Like so many small businesses in Italy, the father, Calogero Mannina, handed down his passion and skills to his son, Antonio, who makes, designs and sells the shoes at their store. I was greeted very kindly and subsequently we talked a bit in English and I started trying on shoes. Whenever I chose a style they did not have in my size anymore, Antonio’s mother would say “your feet are too biiiiig”, which was quite funny.
Eventually, I found a nice pair of shoes in my size and bought them right away.

You will find Mannina at:

Mannina workshop: Via De’ Barbadori 19r – Tel.: +39055 211060
Mannina store: Via Guicciardini 16r -Tel./Fax:+39055 282895
50125 Firenze ITALIA

Gelateria Le Dame

After having purchased some Mannina shoes, it was time to get some Florentine Gelato. The Gelateria Artigianale LE DAME makes excellent Gelato, and unlike so many others, they do not use fruit juice from concentrate, but much rather fresh ingredients like fruits and nuts, which definitely enhance the flavor. They had about 20 flavors to choose from, while their Chocolate Gelato which was really dark cocoa brown seemed to be the best seller. However, my favorite flavors were the Nocciolatta, a mix of hazelnuts, nougat and chocolate – similar to Nutella, just much better – and Pistachio, of course made with plenty of green Pistachios.

The Gelateria Le Dame is located at:

Gelateria Artigianale LE DAME
Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 41r.
(angolo Borga La Noce)
50123 Firenze ITALIA
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  1. Isaak says:

    I visited Florence end of December 2010 and came across the Mannina shoe shop. I got myself a pair of boots..they are lovely.
    Nice place, recommended.

  2. Sandy says:

    Mannina, yes, i have been buying shoes from them since i discovered the shop in the early 1990s and have been going back to them whenever i am in Firenze. Gorgeous shoes!

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