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Florence: Madova Gloves

In addition to its spectacular historical sites, Florence is well known for its crafts. During our most recent trip to Florence, we took several pictures while visiting some of those renowned craftsmen. Today we will focus our attention on Madova.

Florence Ponte Vecchio

Florence Ponte Vecchio

Florence Madova Gloves Storefront

Florence Madova Gloves Storefront

Since 1919, the Donnini family has been manufacturing the finest leather gloves for ladies and gentlemen in the heart of Florence. In the beginning, grandfather, Amedeo Donnini, produced gloves for important families and other Florentine stores. After the Great Crash in 1929, even the Italian economy was suddenly in crisis. Subsequent governmental regulations, as well as WWII, were responsible for a cessation in glove production until 1945.
Once the war was over, Ennio, Sergio, Rosanna and Maria reopened the glove manufactury, pursuing a private label business model, which turned out to be very successful, not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world. During that period, the trademark, “Madova”, was developed, and in 1954, the first store opened its doors in Via Guicciardini 1R, where, for the first time, gloves were sold to the public under the name Madova.
This little shop is still in existence today, being one of the very few worldwide that specializes in, and sells nothing but leather gloves.
Today, Madova’s family tradition is carried on by Mauro, Franco, Andrea and Silvia who wholeheartedly pursue the ultimate level of quality gloves & craftsmanship.

Madova Gloves Handmade in Florence, Italy

Madova Gloves Handmade in Florence, Italy

When I entered the tiny shop, it was stuffed with all kinds of leather gloves in different sizes, patterns and colors. After I had been kindly welcomed, I then had to present my fingers so my glove size could be determined. Only a few seconds after observing them, the saleswoman started getting out several gloves in my size, which I was then able to try on. I was presented with different colors, leathers, styles and patterns: deerskin, peccary, calf or lamb nappa leather, gloves with buttons or without, lined in cashmere, wool, silk or unlined, knit tops, knit sides or all leather.

Florence Madova Bespoke Gloves Peccary Chamois

Florence Madova Gloves Peccary

It truly is a glove lover’s paradise! Despite the hundreds of gloves in the shop – they have so much variety – it is impossible to have every style, in every color, size and leather, but they are definitely willing to take custom orders. The level of quality is top notch. E.g. the leather is aniline or chrome dyed, and is soft and evenly colored. Also, the linings are all great and the seams are perfect. The pick stitching is done by hand and simply superb. Considering the low prices, I can fully recommend Madova gloves. We bought a total of 10 pairs when we were there.

Other than at their Florentine shop, they also sell their gloves in an online shop. Although the shop’s selection is limited, I am sure they are willing to send you other gloves on request.

Madova City Map FlorenceMADOVA s.r.l.
Via Guicciardini 1R
50125 Firenze – ITALY
Tel ++39- 0552396526
Fax: ++39 0552396526
Hours:Mon – Sat 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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