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#ASKGG About Brands, Their Quality, Value, Which Are Best & More

Today at 11am CST  I am going to answer live questions from you our readers about brands live on our youtube channel.

The session will last 45 minutes, and I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Therefore DON’T ask very wide questions, such as “what is the best shoe brand?” because I could talk for 45 minutes just about that.

Instead, DO ask specific questions such as “What do you think of the shirts of brand x or the oxfords of brand y” etc. That way I can answer a lot more questions.

how to wear & pair orange2_3870x1440

Orange – The Most Underrated Color in Menswear II & How To Wear It

Pairing colors can be a challenging endeavor in menswear. In today’s guide, we discuss the color orange, how you can use it in your outfits and how to make the most out of this versatile color so that you always look dapper.

Recently, we discussed another very underrated color in men’s wear which was green. You can check out the in-depth guide here.

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Loafers Explained

Loafers Explained How To Wear & Style Loafer Outfits in Spring & Summer with Jay Butler

I’m here with Justin Jeffers, the man behind and the shoe brand, Jay Butler.

Today we will discuss how you can wear and combine loafers with items in your wardrobe and also talk about what events they are appropriate for and when you should not wear them. If you want to learn more about the history and everything that goes into loafers. Please check out our in-depth loafer guide here.

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