Gentlemen of Style Video

Gentlemen of Style Video

Guerre from Guerreisms recently told me that he shot a long video during his stay in Florence for Pitti Uomo this year. Here is a first compilation that makes me interested in seeing more. As far as I know, there is a longer version available but it will be released sometime in the future. For now, you can get a few impressions of how an outfit looks when worn in motion. Unfortunately, still photographs are not always accurate in representing the style of a person or the fit of a garment because the pose in a picture may be totally unnatural, and it is, of course, a fleeting moment in time.

Motofumi Kogi a.k.a. Poggy

In the opening scene, we can spot Motofumi Kogy, who is also know as Poggy. This gentleman is wearing a 6×2 double breasted suit with wide lapels in a beautiful, mottled, mid-blue summer color. In his lapel, he wears a Playboy bunny pin, which I found a bit confusing, but otherwise his outfit is quite classic – glasses with a substantial dark frame, a white cotton shirt and a silk houndstooth tie.

Lino Ieluzzi

Next in line is someone we already covered in our very own Gentlemen of Style series: Lino Ieluzzi from Al Bazar.

Luca Rubinacci

Of course, Luca Rubinacci is also in the video, pulling off a nice green summer suit, an armada of wristbands and the infamous Rubinacci coral lapel chain dangle. Unlike the others, he wears suspenders rather than a belt.

Angelo Flaccavento

Gentleman No. 4 is Angelo Flaccavento from Italy, wearing a navy blue self dotted shawl collar jacket with a mid blue-white dotted shirt and a small dotted bow tie. For my taste, this is a little bit over the top! It seems like his hat (checked) and his slacks (striped) are the only non dotted items in his combination, since his perforated shoes have dotted holes as well!

Shaka Maidoh

During the last few seasons, Shaka Maidoh’s outfits have been a staple in the street style coverage of various fashion events. As such, it does not surprise to see him portrayed in this video.  Lately, he was often seen in shorts and coat, which is exactly the outfit he wears in this teaser video. While I think the extremely thin knit tie works perfectly with his build, I am not sure I like the white shirt with the off white jacket – they are not the same and yet not different enough to be harmonious.

What is your favorite outfit?

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